Parents frequently ask about children and skin cancer checks. At what age should they start? It can be concerning when your child starts to develop new moles and spots, especially if they've had recent sun exposure. But in almost all children, the risk of skin cancer is very low and routine screening isn't recommended.

In Melbourne, we are all too often more obsessed with our coffee than our sun protection. As a skin cancer risk protection strategy, there’s no substitute for reducing ultraviolet exposure with sunscreens, shade and protective clothing and eyewear. But our addiction to coffee may be a helpful addition to our skin protection strategy.

Even if you're using SPF50+ sunscreen every day, there's a good chance you aren't properly protected by sunscreen.

A recent study has demonstrated that on average, people miss 11 per cent of their skin when applying sunscreen. In general:


As part of our commitment to new and cutting-edge technologies, Spot Check Clinic uses new cloud-based technologies for managing and storing clinical images, medical records and pathology requests and results. We are one of the first users of Medical Director Helix cloud-based software and Dr Chris Miller plays an active role in testing and providing feedback and suggestions for the software, many of which have already been implemented.

Every summer, we hear about people who use sunscreen and get sunburnt. Are spray-on sunscreens defective or misleadingly-labelled, or are we not using them properly? It's important to understand what SPF really means to your skin, and how much spray-on sunscreen needs to be applied.