If you have seen Dr Miller before at another skin cancer practice, he can better continue your care if he has access to your previous medical records and clinical images.

Patients of the Molescreen clinic should contact Molescreen directly to obtain medical records. Call 1300 730 781 or email reception@molescreenaustralia.com.au.

Release of information

Molescreen will send you a Release of Information form which you must complete and return to them. When completing the form, please specify the following:

  • You wish to have your case notes emailed to Dr Chris Miller: chris@spotcheck.clinic
  • You request access to your images on the DermEngine system

What happens next

  1. Molescreen should email your case notes directly to Dr Miller without any further action from you
  2. You will receive an email from DermEngine, a storage system for clinical skin images. This email may appear to come from either "Molescope" or "DermEngine". It will notify you that you now have access to your records in DermEngine. If you don't receive this email within a week of returning your Release of Information form to Molescreen, please notify Molescreen.
  3. When you receive the email, follow the link to log in to DermEngine. You should be able to see earlier photos of your moles, and you can now download the DermEngine app if you wish, to allow you to take your own photos.
  4. Once you have gained access to your DermEngine records, please notify Dr Chris Miller: chris@spotcheck.clinic.
  5. You will receive a further email from DermEngine indicating that Dr Miller has requested access to your records. Please click on the link in the email.

At your appointment

If all goes to plan, Dr Miller will be able to pick up where he left off at your last appointment at Molescreen.