Spot Check Comprehensive Service

The Spot Check Comprehensive service includes a full body skin check and a year's worth of ongoing skin health and skin cancer services for a single out-of-pocket fee. This service is useful for people with many moles or who usually need to see a doctor several times a year for treatment of skin cancers or new or changing skin lesions.

The Comprehensive service is recommended for people who need more skin cancer and skin health services than one single skin check per year. You might consider this annual service in these situations:

  • Abnormal spots or moles that need follow-up visits (e.g. biopsy/excision procedure or repeat photography)
  • If you have too many moles to keep track of — requiring annual mole mapping to record new and changing spots
  • Most years you need to have multiple skin cancers and/or sun spots treated on several occasions  
  • You want to be able to show a doctor new spots of concern at short notice without having to pay an out-of-pocket fee every time
  • You're interested in monitoring and tracking photos, pathology results and information about your moles and skin lesions online

First Visit

An out-of-pocket fee is payable for this visit

  • Discussion of your medical history and skin cancer risk factors.
  • Skin examination by a skin cancer doctor
  • Dermoscopic photography of individual lesions of interest
  • Mole mapping (total body photography) if medically indicated. Recommended for people with fair skin and multiple dark moles.
  • Discussion with the doctor about management or monitoring of your spots
  • Education and personalised recommendations on reducing skin cancer risk and maintaining skin health

Follow-up Visits Over the Next 12 Months

All visits and services over the next 12 months are bulk-billed wherever possible, excluding extra full body skin checks, mole mapping and services not covered by Medicare (e.g. online consultations)

Follow-up Visit(s) and Procedures

  • Follow-up visits for further photography and spots of concern identifies by your doctor
  • Biopsies and excision procedures of lesions of concern

Extra visits

If you notice new or changing spots over the next 12 months and would like to have them checked by a doctor, these visits are included in the Comprehensive Service.

  • Examination and photography of new and changing spots you have noticed
  • Same day appointment (if Spot Check is open) for checking spots of concern. Note: Same day service might be offered at a different location from the one you normally attend.


  • View your own photos, pathology results and information resources
  • Take your own photos, add them to your records, or send them to our doctor for advice

The Following Year...

A further out-of-pocket fee is payable

  • Each year (more or less frequently depending on your risk factors), our doctor re-examines your skin
  • We repeat and analyse total body photos (mole mapping) if required, to check for suspicious changes, as well as photographing any new spots of interest

Pricing and Bookings

The Comprehensive service is an hour long appointment. If you attend the appointment and decide that you no longer wish to have the full Comprehensive service, you will be charged the full rate for the Comprehensive service regardless. (See the Pricing page for further information). 

Online booking is not available for the Comprehensive service. Please call us to arrange your appointment.