Examination of a mole on a man's back

Also known as

Skin cancer screening
Mole check
Mole screening
Skin cancer check
If you are concerned about a single spot or mole - new, changing, or odd-looking - you can have it checked quickly and easily at Spot Check Clinic. We take your concerns seriously and if possible, we will check your mole on the same day.
A doctor examines your skin systematically all over to look for signs of skin cancers and other abnormalities you might not have noticed. At Spot Check Clinic, this skin cancer check also includes photography of the most abnormal moles and sometimes overview photography of body parts with many moles.
Mole mapping, also called total body photography, is the process of taking photos of your entire body to record the position of moles and other spots. People with many moles should have this process repeated periodically as a way of checking for new or changing spots they might not have otherwise noticed.
Spot Check's online consulting service allows you to upload a photo of a spot or mole and receive an opinion from a doctor within 72 hours. Available to new patients as well as existing Spot Check patients.
Your skin check will go better if you’re properly prepared. we recommend you compete and send the registration form before your visit. When you attend, make sure your skin is easy to examine by following our tips.
Descriptions of Spot Check appointment types, so you know what to expect when you return for your next visit.