Dr Chris Miller

Practice owner / principal


Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy and Dermal Imaging, University of Queensland
Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Surgery, University of Queensland
Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine, University of Queensland
Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology, University of Queensland
Master of Arts (Virtual Communication), RMIT University
Grad Cert Hlth Info: (Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics), Monash University
Grad Dip Comp Inf Sci: (Grad. Diploma Computer & Information Science,) Uni of SA

Chris is a primary care skin cancer doctor, working exclusively in specialist skin cancer clinics since 2009. He established Spot Check Clinic in 2017 to realise his vision of a patient-centred service with a strong focus on technology, communication and ongoing care.

Chris graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1988 and spent time working in sexual health where he learnt the importance of an empathetic and relaxed consulting style, while aiming to educate and encourage patients to take responsibility for reducing their risk. In the late 90s and early 2000s, Chris became interested in the potential of the internet and computing to improve medical care. He gained postgraduate qualifications in computer science, health informatics and digital communication. He worked for several years in software development and as an internet consultant to health sector clients before returning to clinical medicine.

Skin cancer practice allows Chris to combine his interests in medical computing, the internet and patient-centred care by leveraging new technologies which empower patients to monitor their own skin and communicate easily with their trusted provider.

While not examining skin or sitting in front of a computer, Chris enjoys entertaining. He's mastered the art of cooking Indian and Turkish cuisines and makes a fine caramel ice cream. Dinner guests can expect to be subjected to Chris's vast library of music (he used to be a DJ). On weekends and days off, he enjoys exploring Melbourne's off-road bike network.