Mole mapping: our doctor carefully examines & photographs your entire body to record the position & size of your moles. In future visits, the process is repeated, allowing us to precisely track changes. Our industry leading system provides access to your images, allowing you to monitor any changes.
If you are concerned about a single spot or mole - new, changing, or odd-looking - you can have it checked quickly and easily at Spot Check Clinic. We take your concerns seriously and if possible, we will check your mole on the same day.
Full body skin check: A doctor examines your skin systematically all over to look for signs of skin cancers and other abnormalities you might not have noticed. At Spot Check Clinic, this skin cancer check also includes photography of the most abnormal moles and sometimes overview photography of body parts with many moles.
How to protect yourself against the risk of serious skin cancers: reducing UV exposure, recognising suspicious spots, treatments that reduce your risk.
Spot Check Skin Cancer Clinic provides online access to photos of moles, artificial intelligence analysis of spots, digital detection of new and changing spots, online consulting service
Information and web links about melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, solar keratoses and more