Dr Chris Miller examining mole with diagnostic software

We use new technology to photograph, analyse and look for changes in your spots. This allows for early detection of skin cancers that might otherwise be missed, and reduces the number of unnecessary biopsy procedures.

We take advantage of mobile devices and cloud-based storage, a flexible solution which enables us to view and add to your records from any location. Photographs can be taken during your skin examination by your examining doctor.

Technology empowers our patients

At Spot Check Skin Cancer Clinic, we use technology to help you detect your own skin cancers and understand conditions we've diagnosed and treated.

  • During your consultation, an artificial intelligence algorithm — as accurate as a dermatologist1 in many cases — compares your spot with other images to propose a likely diagnosis. Your doctor can use this system to explain why your spot of concern is likely or unlikely to be a skin cancer.
  • Another algorithm compares mole mapping images taken of body regions with images of the same regions taken previously. Spots which appear to be new or changing are automatically highlighted, alerting your doctor to changes which might indicate skin cancer
  • Your doctor can label images with their likely diagnoses, information about the condition and its potential treatment
  • After your consultation, you have ongoing access to any photos we've taken, including close-up dermoscopic photos and body mapping photos. You also have access to pathology results and personalised information about your spots, cancers and treatments
  • Using the MoleScope app, you can take your own photos. MoleScope uploads them into the record you share with Spot Check Clinic, filing them by body location and date, so you have an ongoing record of your skin and any spots of interest
  • You can also upload photos taken previously, allowing you to compare images of your spots taken in skin checks you've had in earlier years
  • If you have a spot of concern and it's inconvenient for you to visit Spot Check Clinic, you can use the MoleScope app to photograph it and send it directly to our doctor for an opinion. In most cases, we provide an opinion within 24 hours at a fee significantly less than if you'd visited in person.
  • If we've performed a biopsy, your results will be available in writing together with a written explanation from our doctor. All results are stored on a secure encrypted environment on the server. When a new result is ready, we'll send you a text message and a link to your result.

For more information about specific uses of technology, follow the links below.