Consent to use of clinical photographs

Your name
I authorise the use of my clinical photographs by the staff or agents of Spot Check Clinic. I understand that identifying information such as my name or images of my face will not be used unless I give my explicit consent for the use of such photographs.

I consent for my photographs to be used for the following purposes. Please select "Yes" for each case where you give consent.
Educational use
For example, teaching of Spot Check Clinic staff, other health professionals and students, education of Spot Check Clinic patients and prospective patients.
Research use
For example, publication in research articles/papers, presentation at academic conferences and meetings. evaluation of new photographic/analytics technologies
Website and social media
For example, to provide information about conditions, investigations and treatments on our website, to draw attention to skin cancer and related issues on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and other social media accounts operated by Spot Check Clinic.
I consent to the use of photographs with identifying information
No identifying features appear in my clinical photographs
I do not consent to the use of clinical photographs containing identifying features
I acknowledge that Spot Check Clinic proposes to use clinical photographs that may identify me. I have viewed these photographs and consent to their use for the purposes specified above.
By consenting to the above, I understand that:
  • I will receive no payment from any party.
  • Withholding consent will in no way affect the medical care I will receive.
  • If I wish to withdraw my consent in the future, I may do so by contacting Spot Check Clinic.
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Complete this form only if your doctor has requested it.