Photographing your spot

When taking photos for an online consultation, we ask you to take some good quality photographs of your spot of concern.

Your photo should be:

  • in sharp focus
  • well-lit, but without glare or reflected light

This can be difficult and it might require several attempts.

To achieve the best quality, we strongly recommend that you use a magnifying device

You can photograph your spots using your phone's camera app

Taking photos without a magnifying device: not recommended

Make sure the spot is well-lit and stable. If possible, rest the body part on a firm surface.

Don't hold your camera or phone too close; 25-30cm is as close as you can get and keep the subject in focus.

You can use magnifying apps built into your device or download specialised apps which magnify and light the subject.


MoleScope: Take high quality images using just your smart phone

Video and PDF download with instructions for photographing spots of concern


Firstcheck photography guide

Download the Firstcheck patient photography guide for further tips on how to take good quality photos of your skin. 


Taking photos using a dyplens

The dyplens is a simple clip-on lens that attaches over the camera of your phone or mobile device. It's available from Spot Check Clinic. Call us on 03 9098 747 to arrange Express Post delivery, or order it online.

Taking photos using a MoleScope

The MoleScope is a lens with a built-in light source that takes high magnification dermoscopic photos of moles or other spots. It's available online from the manufacturer, currently at a discount of almost 70 per cent: Use the code COVID19 at checkout for a $300 reduction in price. The following video refers to the MoleScope app as well as the MoleScope skin magnifier.

We recommend that you take photos using the MoleScope app. It will automatically upload your photos to the MoleScope shared medical record. If you use the MoleScope app, do not submit your photos as shown in the video. (This will charge your credit card for each spot.)

After you've taken photos of your spot

If you photographed your spots using the MoleScope app, they will automatically upload to your MoleScope record. You can view them on your phone or tablet via the Molescope app or on the web at

If you used the camera app on your phone, upload your photos to the MoleScope website or import them into the MoleScope app on your mobile device. This makes the photos available to your skin cancer doctor.

If you can't figure out how to upload your photos to MoleScope, you can email them to Spot Check Clinic and we'll upload them for you. Send them to, including your name and date of birth and clearly specify their location on your body.Once they are uploaded, youll be able to see them in the MoleScope app and on the MoleScope website.