Pricing of excision procedures

An excision is a procedure where the doctor surgically removes some skin and then closes the defect (hole) using stitches.

Excisions vary widely. Some of the variables include:

  • Size
  • Body location
  • Number of stitches and layers of stitches
  • Amount and type of supplies, drugs, equipment and dressings used
  • Time taken to perform the procedure
  • Amount of follow-up required after the excision

We can predict some of these variables before the procedure, but some are unknown. This means we can provide an estimated quote for a procedure, but the final amount will sometimes be different.

In most cases, the cost of an excision procedure is subsidised by Medicare (for Australian citizens). Our fee for an excision is calculated so that the amount paid by Medicare is approximately half of the total. The amount paid by Medicare varies according to the location on the body and size of the excision, as well as the pathology result. This means that the Medicare rebate — and the total fee — is unknown until after the procedure. (See examples below.)

As a rough guide, the most common fee we charge is about $180. This fee applies if:

  • The size of the excision is less than 15mm
  • The location is not on the face, lower leg, or other cosmetically/technically challenging areas
  • The pathology result is not skin cancer.

In cases where the pathology result diagnoses a skin cancer, or where the procedure is in other locations, or the size is larger, the fee will be higher.

We will be able to advise the total fee when your pathology results are available. This is normally 4-5 days after your procedure. When the total fee is known, we will contact you to arrange payment.

Examples of different Medicare rebates for excision procedures

  Normal mole Non-melanoma skin cancer Melanoma
Excision of a small skin lesion from the back, thigh, arm or abdomen 82.45 136.75 243.45
Excision of a larger skin lesion from the back, thigh, arm or abdomen 108.45 184.45 265.95
Excision of a small skin lesion from the lower leg 115.65 161.25 266.65


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