Online consulting

Self-photography of mole

We can check your spot of concern if you can't visit our clinic.


Photograph and upload your spot

You can use the MoleScope app or website to send us a photo.

If you've previously visited Spot Check Clinic, you already have an account with MoleScope and you can add your photos to your exiting record. Log in at

If you've never visited Spot Check Clinic, you can register with MoleScope at After registering, you will be prompted to download the MoleScope app, which you can then use to photograph and upload any spots of concern.


How to photograph your spot

Photographing a spot isn't always easy. You may need several attempts before you have a well-lit and in-focus picture to send to your doctor.

Please refer to the tips below before sending photos for an opinion.


Skin magnifiers

We recommend that you use a skin magnifier to get good quality photos. It makes a big difference to how well your doctor is able to assess your spot.

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How to take the photo

If you don't have a skin magnifier, you can improve the quality of your photo by using magnification and lighting apps. If you do have a magnifier,  watch the videos on this page to learn how to get the best results.


If you don't have a skin magnifier, download the Firstcheck photography guide for information on how to take good quality photos of your skin.

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MoleScope app resources

If you are a previous patient of Spot Check Clinic, you may find it convenient to use the MoleScope app.

The MoleScope app stores photos of your moles, pathology results, information about skin conditions and treatments, and messages from your skin cancer doctor or nurse. If you've visited Spot Check Clinic previously, any photos we've taken of your spots are available to you via the MoleScope app. You can use it to take photos, or if you take photos using another app or camera, you can import those photos into MoleScope.

How to submit your photos using the MoleScope app

MoleScope app patient resources

MoleScope's website has multiple videos, tips and a comprehensive Knowledgebase to help you take and submit photos.