Video consultation with a skin cancer doctor

If you are concerned about a particular spot or mole, you can book a video consultation to discuss it with an accredited skin cancer doctor. For a limited time, video consultations are covered by Medicare and will be bulk-billed (i.e. no out of pocket expense to Australian citizens with a Medicare card). This service is available througout Australia

How does it work?

Book a video consult by phone on 03 9098 7474 or online. We recommend that you book this appointment a few days in advice to give you time to prepare.

Before your appointment, complete our online registration form, take photos of any spots of concern and upload them to your MoleScope record. 

We'll send you an email and/or a text message with a link. At your apointment time, click on the link to open a video coferencing window on your computer, phone or tablet.

During the consultation, the skin cancer doctor will ask questions about the spot of concern, your medical history and skin cancer risk factors. He will examine photos of your spot and provide an opinion abut the most likely diagnosis and what you need to do next.


How to prepare

Step 1: Complete the registration form

If you've never attended or had a video/online consultation with Spot Check Clinic, please complete the Spot Check Clinic new patient registration form.

We ask that you do this at least 24 hours before your appointment, to give us adequate time to create your records and consider your skin cancer risk factors.

Step 2: Consider purchasing a skin magnifier

Your skin cancer doctor needs a good quality photo to reach a likely diagnosis for your spot of concern.

In the clinic, we use a dermoscope with a polarised light to magnify and light the skin. This shows us microscopic features that allow us to make the best possible diagnosis. Without dermoscopic examination, it would be much harder for us to be certain whether a spot is a skin cancer.

You can improve the quality of your photos if you use a skin magnifier such as a SkinScope or MoleScope. 

More information about skin magnifiers...

Step 3: Photograph your spot

Photographing a spot or mole can be difficult. We recommend that you take photos of your spot of concern before your video consultation so you have the opportunity to send us the best possible photo.

You can photograph your spot with or without a skin magnifier. If you photograph your spot without a specialised magnfying device, you may be able to use your phone's own magnification app.

More information about photographing your spot...


Step 4: Upload or send us your photo

After you book your appointment, we wil create your record in MoleScope, a shared medical record which stores information about your spots and moles, together with pathology results of skin biopsies and information about skin conditions and treatments.

  • If you have been to Spot Check Clinic or had an online or video consultation with us previously, you already have access to this information at
  • If you are new to Spot Check Clinic, you''ll receive an email from MoleScope inviting you to acces your MoleScope record and download the MoleScope app for your phone.

You can take photos of your spot using the MoleScope app, which will automatically make your photos available to Spot Check Clinic.

If you take photos using the camera app on your phone, you can upload them to the MoleScope website or import them into the MoleScope app later.

Step 5: Follow the link

We'll send you a link by email and/or text message.

Just before your appointment, click on the link to open a video consult window.

You will need to allow access to both audio and video so that you can talk to the doctor.

Q & A

What if my photos aren't adequate?

The accuracy of the doctor's diagnosis depends on the quality of any photos you take. Photos that are out of focus, in poor light, and not using a magnifing device are sometimes hard for a doctor to diagnose. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to reach a conclusive dagnosis of any spot during a video consultation or from a photograph.

If the doctor can't reach a diagnosis from the photos youv'e provided, you can take more and send them again. We can provide you with a SkinScope to improve photo quality.

What if my spot looks suspicious?

If your spot resembles a skin cancer, your doctor will usually recommend a biopsy procedure. If ylu are in Melbourne, we can usually perform this at Spot Check Clinic. If you are elsewhere in Australia, we can recommend an accredited skin cancer doctor to further assess your spot.

What if I don't have a Medicare card?

If you don't have a Medicare card or number, we can still perform a video consultation. We request your credit card details when you make your booking. The feefor a video consultation is $40 for your first spot of concern and $20 for each subsequent spot.