Skin magnifying devices

If you are photographing your own spot, for the best results we recommend that you use a skin magnifying device. If the spot is magnified and properly lit, a skin cancer doctor can usually make a reliable diagnosis and recommendation. If your photo is not well magnified and lit, your doctor may not be able to reach a conclusive opinion.

Comparison of photos taken with and without skin magnifiers

Photo taken without a magnifier

Photograph of a mole taken with an iPhone and no magnifier

This photo was taken using an iPhone 11 with no magnifier. The shape and colour of the mole are visible, but fine details are obscured by wrinkles in the skin and reflected light.

Photo taken with a SkinScope

Photograph of a mole taken using a SkinScope skinmagnifier

This photo was taken using an iPhone 11 and a SkinScope. The shape and colour of the mole are visible and some of the pigment network structures can be seen.

Photo taken with a MoleScope

Photograph or a mole taken using a MoleScope skin magnifier

This photo was taken using an iPhone 11 and a MoleScope. The structure of the mole is clearly visible, showing fine network structures  and tiny blood vessels.


Firstcheck dyplens

The dyplens is an attachment for a phone or tablet that clips over your device's camera lens. It's inexpensive and easy to use for taking magnified photos of spots on the skin. 

Available from Spot Check Clinic. Call us on 03 9098 7474 to arrange Express Post delivery.

Click here to purchase from the manufacturer (free delivery)

MoleScope II

MoleScope is a lens with a built-in light source that takes high magnification dermoscopic photos of moles or other spots. It is registered as a medical device in Australia. Used correctly, it can take photos of similar quality to those taken by a skin specialist. For people with many moles, it can be a good investment which will allow many online consultations in future. If properly cleaned and disinfected, it can be shared with other family members.

Available from the manufacturer MetaOptima at

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